Banking and Financial Market

We have solid experience in representing and providing legal advice to Brazilian and foreign clients in requests for authorization to operate for financial institutions, DTVMs, brokers and the like, structuring compliance systems for financial institutions and structuring national and international operations (syndicated loans, AB loans, participations, etc.).



We provide legal advice on derivative transactions, including the structuring and negotiation of contractual instruments (CGDs, CODs and ISDA Master Agreements), strategic consultancy for the development of new products and the preparation of legal opinions on issues involving these instruments. We also operate in the structuring and negotiation of Structured Operations Certificates.


Financial and capital market regulation

We operate as legal advisors in the constitution of financial institutions and other supervised institutions and in obtaining necessary authorizations from regulatory bodies. We also provide consultancy to these entities in the various matters of their day to day.


Market infrastructure

We provide advice on financial and capital market infrastructure rules and on the constitution and operation of exchanges, organized markets, and trading platforms and systems for financial assets and securities, including advice on clearing and settlement services, registration, custody, deposit centralized, bookkeeping and other systems.


Institution of Means and Payment Arrangements

We provide advice to national and foreign entities that act as payment arrangement institutes and payment institutions, as well as other payment service providers, such as issuers, acquirers, banks, retailers, e-commerce agents, e-wallet, gateways, Payment Service Providers (PSPs), facilitators and others.

We provide consultancy on the constitution and authorization process with the Central Bank of Brazil, review of business models and diversified structures, and on the various regulatory aspects related to the sector.


Foreign investment in the country and foreign Exchange

We provide investment advice to non-residents in the local market, including with regard to the available alternatives and limitations of each, form of registration with the Central Bank of Brazil and relationship with representation and custody service providers. In addition, we advise clients on various aspects of exchange regulation, in order to identify any impacts and define the most appropriate structure for their operations.

Administrative procedures

We represent financial institutions and other institutions supervised in administrative proceedings at the Banco Central do Brasil, Comissão de Valores Mobiliários, Conselho de Recursos do Sistema Financeiro Nacional (CRSFN) and B3 - Supervisão de Mercados (BSM), both in the conduct of administrative defenses and in the negotiation of terms of commitment and leniency agreements.


Technology-Based Products and Services

We provide advice on Brazilian regulation of the financial and insurance products and services sectors, including personal loan companies and direct credit companies, in addition to rules issued by regulatory bodies / agencies related to consumer law.

We prepare documents and instruments necessary for structuring and developing the business, such as contracts, agreements, policies and regulations, involving partners, suppliers, customers, partners, regulatory bodies / agencies and regulated entities;

We provide advice on registration, obtaining authorization to operate and regularize companies, products and services before regulatory bodies / agencies and regulated entities, such as the Banco Central, CVM, SUSEP, B3, CIP, CETIP, etc.;

We provide consultancy in administrative processes and consultations with competent bodies and regulated entities involving regulatory issues in the financial and insurance products and services market;

We follow and monitor federal, state and municipal bills before the Câmara dos Deputados, Senado, Assembleias Estaduais and Câmaras Municipais, preparing and presenting technical notes, if applicable.

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